Welcome to the oxenium customization section, we are always happy to serve you better. Here are some guidelines to understand your purpose of buying and to choose wisely.

Regular fit

  • The regular fit lies looser around the body without being baggy or sloppy. In the common market it is well known as formal fit shirt. Regular fit shirts mostly used for office wearable or formal gatherings.
  • If you need to wear the product for these occasions then please consider regular fit.

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Slim fit

  • A slim fit shirt is exactly what it says it is- slim fitting. They are designed to fit close to the body, tapering cut through the midsection and waist. It is well known as casual fit shirts in the common market. It provides you a proper informal look and defines you body closely. It is basically used among youngsters and young by heart people.
  • If you are a casual lover or loves the comfort the choose our slim fit pattern to make yourself more classy.

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Extra slim fit

  • This fit is crazy for muscular people. It defines your muscles in a proper manner and very close to your body. It is more deep cut from chest to waist and armhole. It is slimmer then slim fit to give you an extension to show off your body.
  • This pattern mostly made with lycra fabrics for comfortable movements of your body. It is basically designed for parties and casual gatherings. So choose according to your need.

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