Frequently Asked Questions:-

  1. How do I place my order?
  2. How will I receive my order?
  3. How will I get confirmation that my order is placed successfully?
  4. I tried placing my order using my debit card / credit card/ Net Banking. The order was not successful but my money got deducted. What really happened with my money?
  5. How should I check the status of my order
  6. Payment Mode:-
  7. Are there any COD charges?
  8. Is it safe to shop online if I make payment using net banking,  Debit card or Credit Card?
  9. Why am I not getting any COD option on the payment page?
  10. Are there any hidden charges?
  11. What should I do if any payment fails?
  12. What is the payment Wallet?
  13. Is there any expiry date for Wallet balance?